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The Danube Cultural Society Jugendgruppe is for young adults primarily between the ages of 7 to 26 who wish to take part in their heritage through ethnic dancing and singing. The Jugendgruppe is a great chance to both have fun and continue the traditions of the Danube with the youth of today. The Jugendgruppe performs various types of dances from along parts of the Danube River in Europe. Such dances include Danube-Swabian polkas, Austrian ländlers and schuhplattling, Viennese waltzes and tangos, and various comical skits and shows. The Jugendgruppe performs annually at many events throughout southeastern Wisconsin and the midwestern United States.

If you or someone you know is interested in their German culture and is also looking to have good time and meet new people the DCS Jugendgruppe might just be the place.

The DCS Jugendgruppe is under the leadership of the two Vice Presidents of Dance, Emily Neuenschwander and Julie Wagner, both of whom have years of German Folk Dance experience. For inquiries regarding the availability of the group for a performance, please contact Emily Neuenschwander.

Emily Neuenschwander Julie Wagner

Vice President of Dance Vice President of Dance

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (414) 897-3582

Our 2018 Officers

President - Mike Wagner, VP - Eric Radue, 2nd VP - Tony Pless, VP Dance - Kinder and Youth - Julie Wagner, VP Dance -Kinder and Youth - Emily Neuenschwander, Secretary - Emily Neuenschwander, Treasurer - Nancy Pless, Membership - Judy Herrick

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